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9500 University Avenue, Suite 1101, West Des Moines, Iowa (802-734-1045)

Our Hours:  Mon - Thurs 1-9pm,
                      Fri and Sat 1-10pm, Sun 12-5pm.

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What I'm smoking these Days!!!

A Crowned Heads Luminosa with coffee this morning after a great event here with Brian McGee. A huge thank you going out to our friends and customers that we're in attendance. Couldn't have exceeded expectations without you! Y'all just rock!!

Our customers often ask us....

"No one knows exactly how herf originated, however the basic definition of a herf is simply a fancy term for “cigar party” or a way of saying “let's get together and smoke cigars” or “let's herf”. If you spend any time on a cigar forum or even in a cigar lounge, you're bound to hear the term herf thrown around."

Another question often asked is... "Are you a members only cigar lounge?"

"No, we are not a members only lounge. We want you to feel like a member but not have to pay to be a member. We accomplish this through the Customer Relationship Management experience."

A recent question we are hearing is... "Why Boutique Cigars?"

"A Boutique Cigar Manufacturer produces less than 100,000 cigars per year. They have access to tobacco's the mainstream cigar manufacturers can't use. Where are they located? West Coast, Texas, East Coast and Florida. Now, within Florida, Miami, Little Havana, Orlando and Ybor City within Tampa are the hot spots for Boutique Cigar Manufacturers. You just can't pass up the opportunity to try a wider variety of cigars made of high quality tobacco produced using an enhanced fermentation process! Who are some of these manufacturers? Just check our website for some of the premier Boutique Cigar Manufacturers in our walk-in humidor and the list of other Boutique Cigar Manufacturers coming to Club Herf."


Welcome to my Dream! I worked in engineering/product development for over 25 years and always knew I wanted to do something special. Around 10 years ago it dawned on me that I wanted to be in the cigar business. I knew it would take hard work, planning, education, and research to find the right niche and understanding of the industry. So as part of my planning and research I started networking with Boutique Cigar Manufacturers nationwide. I've met some incredible people producing some of the finest cigars. I had found my niche.

What do I want Club Herf to be? I want to be a choice, top of mind as there are other cigar shops in the area. Club Herf will be a place you can relax with friends or by yourself. Focused on the customer relationship and the customer experience, I want you to know you count. If you are enjoying yourself, I'll be right there with you even if it's before or after hours. So, stick around, smoke a cigar, relieve some stress, use the golf simulators, and take advantage of the Burning Stogie Loyalty Program.

Lawrence Miltenberger, Brand Ambassador for Cubanacan Cigars, says "A dream realized!" I have to agree! Let's live my dream together!

Felix Assouline Cigars Event

Thanks to everyone for coming out and and joining us for a Great Night with Felix Assouline Cigars.

Felix first started out in the cigar business in 1997 on the retail side. His first store in Dania Beach, Florida sold all the premium brands and launched him into 3 additional stores in South Florida over a 6 year span. During that time he also ran a successful wholesale cigar business. Felix’s passion for a great smoking cigar drove him to try every cigar he possible could and as he did, he developed an intricate knowledge of cigar construction and how different leaves affected the flavor of the cigar.

With that insight, Felix opened his own factory in Danli, Honduras in 2004 and began making his own cigars. Felix introduced 2 successful brands, one of which being the original EGO, which received a 90 rating in Smoke Magazine in the September 2006 issue.

In 2007, Felix decided to sell everything and focus all his attention on his greatest love, his family. After enjoying incredible family moments for 6 years, he decided it was time to get back into the cigar business. This time, Felix wanted to focus all his efforts on fulfilling a dream of creating his own blends to achieve one goal: create the best premium cigars on the market…

Rolling Thunder Habano Toro

Enjoying this Rolling Thunder Habano Toro at Club Herf! Looking for a medium bodied cigar with tons of flavor and a minimal amount of spice? This is it. Don't forget our Rolling Thunder Cigars event on Saturday, August 5th from 6-9! Come meet the man behind Rolling Thunder Cigars, Dave Cribbin! Click on the event title below to say your attending!

Great Event with Rolling Thunder Cigars invades the Upper Midwest-Iowa

Rolling Thunder Cigars

Rolling Thunder Cigars distinctive brand of cigars are hand rolled in Esteli , Nicauragua, at Plasencia.

Before founding Rolling Thunder Cigars I (Dave Cribbin) literally smoked my way through Ybor City's cigar makers tasting and refining the blends until I was satisfied that I had a cigar worthy of the name Rolling Thunder Cigars .50CALIBER!

Combining the finest Cuban seed tobacco from Honduras and Nicaragua and rolling cigars with near perfect construction is what sets Rolling Thunder Cigars apart!

Try a couple and you'll see what I mean , but be warned they are the kind of cigar you dont only smoke once!

Flor de Gonzalez 20th Anniversary Maduro

Flor de Gonzalez 20th Aniversario Maduro by Flor de Gonzalez Cigars!

6/14/2017 - In the lounge at Club Herf enjoying the Flor de Gonzalez 20th Aniversario Maduro by Flor de Gonzalez Cigars! For our customers that enjoy a full bodied, complex smoke, the Flor de Gonzalez 20th Aniversario is for you. As you continue to smoke the 20th Aniversario it develops a great long finish with an abundance of spiciness.

The Flor de Gonzalez 20th Anniversary Maduro in an interview with the Stogie Press "... As she described the new cigar, she explained how it is a way to pay homage to the original Flor de Gonzales Gold Series that started the company 20 years ago, hence, the 20 Aniversario cigar. Just like the original gold series, the FDG 20 Aniversario comes in Connecticut and Maduro wrappers, in this case, an Ecuadorian Connecticut and Connecticut Maduro.

The 20 Aniversario is a beautiful looking cigar and the band adorns it perfectly like jewels upon a queen. It is an eye-catching combination of Gold Silver, Red, and Beige with the letters FDG emblazoned in the center and the iconic FDG tobacco leaf logo above in gold."

Flor de Gonzalez 20th Anniversary Muduro




What a Great Grand Opening on June 16th!

Thank you to Yadi Gonzalez-Vargas and Odalys Gonzalez of Flor de Gonzalez Cigars and to all our customers and friends that attended!

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Flor de Gonzalez Cigars Event
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Flor de Gonzalez Cigars Event
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Flor de Gonzalez Cigars Event
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Rolling Thunder Event
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Rolling Thunder Event
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